Friday, April 16, 2010

Taking a Long Hard Look at My Role As a Food Consumer

You've probably noticed I haven't been here to write to you in approximately a week. That's because I decided to take a clear understanding of what my purpose on this blog here is. I love to cook, that is obvious. I love to cook food from scratch, using fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, so why is it I post recipes of mac and cheese egg rolls? I have decided to completely take a good hard look at my recipe blog and cook food I would be proud to serve my family and friends.

I am educated on the obesity epidemic invading this country. I have seen the overweight children slurping on fruit punch in hand and a super size French fry appetizer in the other. I don't like it as much as the next consumer. I need to take a responsibility here and realize that I should only cook good food that warms the belly, fresh food that as Michael Pollan would say "something your grandmother would recognize as food."

I have decided through much thought that I will cook only the freshest food available to me. Cook with passion, cook with heart. Only cook food that is made with the best ingredients, the most local ingredients, unprocessed foods, whole foods.

So the next time you see a recipe posted here, I want you to repeat the steps as someone who cares about what goes into their bodies, someone who cares about what goes into their family's bodies, someone who will take pride in how they just took the time to cook a delicious meal from scratch, which is one of the best things you can do for your family, the best option you have as a food consumer, someone who doesn't take the easy way out, someone who cares.


  1. Good for you Jennifer! I'm looking forward to your recipes :) From one scratch cooker to another, you go girl!!

  2. Thanks Andrea. I am doing a good amount of research on Local Farms and at-home gardening and can't wait to start my unprocessed life.