Friday, April 2, 2010

Beer Review- Philadelphia Brewing Company's Fleur De Lehigh

I Heart Beer. That's it. That's my credential. I'm not a beer genius, nor am I a beer connoisseur, you don't look to me for beer advice, rather for food wisdom. I don't just love any beer, I love specialty beers. What do I mean by specialty beers? Beer from all over the world, beer brewed in Pennsylvania, beer brewed in Germany, beer with hops, beer that excites me. Don't get me wrong, I love a good beer special just as much as the next gal, but there is something intriguing about that specialty beer store. Aisles upon aisles of beer fill the elongated refrigerators, one beer different from the next. "I wonder which meal this beer will pair well with?" I ask myself while browsing through the liquid gold.

While my sister was hosting The Bottle Shop's completely informal beer tasting party to see which types of beer to sell in her store, I came across something very light accompanied by interesting flavors that would pair perfect with the upcoming summer months. Philadelphia Brewing Company created this marvelous treat called Fleur De Lehigh (Lehigh being a county in Pennsylvania- so darn clever). As an amateur chef I immediately picked up on the notes of ginger and lemon grass infused in the brewing process. Philadelphia Brewing Company describes the beer on its website: "It was our first Select Ale and now Fleur De Lehigh is part of our regular line up for the summer months. This unfiltered golden ale is brewed with chamomile, rhubarb, ginger, rose hips, and lemon grass; then fermented with our Belgian yeast strain to provide a uniquely full flavored yet highly drinkable spring/summer brew. 4.2 % abv available in both bottles and kegs"

I highly encourage you to leave your comfort zone for a moment, shy away from the beer specials and try a beer that you may usually pass up on (if you are 21+ years of age, of course). Doing so may cause you to find a delicious beer that pairs well with my recipe for Always Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies, your recipe for Singapore noodles or with your mom's baked ziti.

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