Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beer Tasting Party (Recipe for Brie & Apricot Egg Rolls)

Some of my best friends and their boyfriends were in attendance last night, so my sister and I wanted to ensure a party with delicious foods and great fun. The great fun came in the shape of an elaborate beer spread, which my sister and her business partner received for FREE from various beer distributors to sell in their store, The Bottle Shop, soon to be located at 1941 E. Passyunk Avenue in Philadelphia. So they thought, "Why not have a beer tasting party?" How could I argue? Since they were offering various types of beer, everything from Wheat Beer to Malts, we tried to create a spread that would compliment just about every type of beer.

The spread:

1. Apples doused with lemon juice to ensure color
2. Strawberries
3. Dehydrated banana slices
4. Figs
5. Apricot preserves
6. Various Crackers
7. Reduced Fat White Cheddar Cheese-Its (for my boyfriend)
8. Tostito Scoops
9. Homemade Spicy Salsa
10. Jalapeno Roasted Pepper Jelly
11. Apricot Preserve & Brie Cheese Egg Rolls (Recipe to Follow)
12. Muenster Cheese
13. Cheddar Cheese with Almond Slices
14. Port Wine Cheese
15. Grapes
16. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls
17. Popcorn
18. Wine
19. And of course, Beer!

I am completely obsessed with egg roll wrappers. After realizing that just about anything could enter the egg roll galaxy for dinner treats, I had to take my ideas to the dessert world. And what is better than cheese for dessert at a wine and beer tasting party? I absolutely adore Brie cheese. I always have it out when people come over, and last night was no exception.

If you are a novice at egg roll wrapping, check out my previous post for a quick tutorial before you start. If you are a battle scarred veteran, check out my recipe below to get started.

Brie & Apricot Egg Rolls
Serving Size: 10

What You'll Need:
*10 Egg Roll Wrappers
*1 Egg Beaten
*10 Tablespoons Apricot Preserves
*1 Wedge Brie Cheese
*Pam Cooking Spray
*An Open Mind

*After prepping the edges of the egg roll wrapper with the egg wash, add 1 tbsp. of the apricot preserves to the center
*Add a 1/4" thick x 2" long slice of Brie cheese on top of the preserves (approximate sizes)
*Fold bottom up, then sides, then roll away from you, tucking in the edges as necessary
*Place on sheet pan sprayed with Pam cooking spray
*Brush top with egg wash
*Cook for 22 minutes at 350 degrees
*Serve warm

I'm taking a sneak peek at the egg rolls while cooking. The anticipation is killing me!

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