Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello, welcome to Lard R' Us, would you like to try one of our veggie combos?

Juicing is one of the healthiest obsessions you can have. Fresh vegetable or fruit juice promotes healthy eating habits, filling you up before you can grab that second slice of pizza. It's almost like seeing that person order the double cheeseburger, a large order of fries and a large diet soda. Well, this is slightly different, simply because vegetables are better for you than their carbonated counterpart having the audacity to call itself a beverage- the dreaded soda.

If you are parched, what is stopping you from grabbing a freshly squeezed can of carrot-ginger-apple juice? I'll tell you what is- the fact that it doesn't exist! You have the two options of mastication: at home or at your local fresh juicer deli. Fresh is the only way, I mean, when have you seen a McBurger joint offering free refills on their juice bar? "Hello, welcome to Lard R'Us, would you like to try one of our fresh veggie combos?"

So inconvenience yourself a bit. Rather than cramming your orifice with nacho grande at your favorite fast food parking lot, take the extra trip to your local fresh juicer, bring your meal home and enjoy it while watching an episode of The Bachelor from the comfort of your couch- your colon will thank you.

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  1. My favorite juice spot is Four Seasons in the Reading Terminal. The carrot/parsley/beet is awesome. My daughter always opts for pineapple kiwi. I also own a juicer but I hate to clean it so don't use it often enough. Thanks for the reminder. I should take it out of storage.