Friday, May 21, 2010

What would you like to see in a Food Blog?

I have been asking around Twitter. I have been asking my friends. I have even asked my mother.

Everyone, what would you like to see in a Food Blog?

Recipes- of course. Tips and Tricks- Why Not. Amazing Photography of Food- I'm working on it OK so get off my back! But what else people?

I have received a good amount of ideas but I want to hear from YOU so just leave a COMMENT and let me know what your favorite food blog has that this blog doesn't (that's to say that this food blog isn't your favorite).

Thanks everyone and I look forward to this upcoming conversation.


  1. Chronicle your trips to the supermarket. I would love to know what items you put in your basket each week.

  2. Listed ingredients in a picture format. Get me?

  3. yes - pictures are always great... maybe do a continuous thing where if you go to a restauran (take a picture of what you ate) and try it at home... so people can see that its easy a home and less expensive... maybe do hat on your frugal friday

  4. You definately should chronicle your trips to the supermarket... Or at the Farmers Market... Pretty much always bring YOUR camera with you wherever you go...

    Chronicle your trip to the Beer Expo - take notes - then make recipes that pair well with them... Just wait until I open up so you can buy my beer.. haha FYI: The Bottle Shop - coming soon to East Passyunk!