Friday, May 7, 2010

Locatelli Cheese Crisps- Foodgitive's Frugal Friday Fare

(Yeah, I definately used my hand towel as a background for this pic alongside a bottle of red wine in hopes to create an authentic Italian feel.)

I have an affinity for cheese. Aged, smoked, nacho, cottage, creamed, sliced, diced, minced- you name it, I have a close, bonded attraction to it.

Locatelli Romano Cheese is hard and dense, bearing a pale yellow color and a black paper rind. Tradtionally, Locatelli cheese is served over pasta. But can one create a snack on locatelli cheese alone?

This recipe is simple to replicate, impossible to resist and easy on your wallet. You can purchase an entire pound of Locatelli cheese and keep it in your fridge for what seems an eternity, or until you are finished with the block. I store my block of Locatelli cheese in wax paper, which is wrapped in paper towels and stored in a paper bag.

(Check out my mound of cheese)

Since I purchased the cheese a vey long time ago, I am unable to give you an exact cost to make these little fritters, but I will take a stab at the cost and say these cheese crisps are $0.35 for approximately 30 crisps.

Locatelli Cheese Crisps
What You'll Need:

*1 cup grated Locatelli Cheese
*Freshly cracked grains of paradise or black pepper
*Old Bay Seasoning
*Wax Paper


*Heat oven to 400 degrees
*Place a piece of wax paper on a baking sheet
*Separate cheese into bowls (1/2 cup in each)
*Add approx. 1 tsp. grains of paradise or black pepper into each bowl and mix together
*To make Old Bay Cheese Crisps: Add approx. 1 tsp. old bay seasoning into one of the bowls and mix together
*Scoop a heaping teaspoon of mixture onto wax paper, pressing down lightly to form a thin circle (making sure it is not too thin)
*Cook for exactly 3 minutes and remove from oven
*Wait 10 minutes to cool and scrape off with a spatula

These little guys taste great inside a burger, alongside a salad, topped with your favorite salsa and will even taste great when paired with your favorite ice cream-- Trust me- Delicious!


  1. Seriusly - these things are great! Now I know what to do with the 1 pound hunk of Locatelli cheese thats left in the fridge!

  2. Thanks! Locatelli cheese is great when peeled over salads as well in long strips.