Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Recipes Translated

Leaving home for a South Philly Italian is always treated as a big deal. At the time, I was moving only 15 blocks away, but there were tears and hugs to say the least. For months after the “big move” there were care packages sent to my house on occasion filled with everyday essentials for the South Philly Italian including 8 pork chops, 16 oranges, 8 pears, 16 ounces of Parmesan cheese, 16 ounces of Locatelli cheese, 12 pounds of pasta, 6 containers filled with fresh pasta sauce, 8 tomatoes and a bottle of homemade wine. I was also given the family recipes.

Now, it is very hard for a South Philly Italian to give away a recipe- not because they are covetous of their treasures, but simply because they don't measure. A pinch of salt to you means something different to an Italian. A glass filled with Muscatel wine means exactly what? What size glass? And what does the direction- an eggshell filled with sugar translate to in receipeville? So, in order to translate the ingredients and directions for the average reader to understand, these recipes will be tried and tested, where a teaspoon means a teaspoon and you will never see the term “a handful”.

I always cooked with my parents growing up so it was inevitable for me to start cooking on my own. I am not a professional cook, a culinary master or world-renowned chef, I am, however a 1st generation Italian who works for the family home remodeling business, a woman who grew up with a love of food, a love of cooking and a love of family.

I hope you enjoy my recipes just as much as I will enjoy translating them.

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