Monday, June 7, 2010

International Great Beer Expo at the Philadelphia Navy Yard

Which statement is true:

1. I love beer.
2. I dream in beer.
3. I married a beer and have little beer babies.

Give up? OK, so I don't have little beer babies running around, but I do still love beer, especially during Philly Beer Week.

And this Beer Expo was the perfect morphine for my beer itch. Fifty international brewers filled the huge auditorium, from local brewers to Japanese delicacies. But my favorite was the Gran Met Ale from Voodoo Brewery located in PA.

And if the good looking gals and girls handing out the beer at this station weren't reason enough to bring you over, the fact that they were handing out 4 ounce samples of their 10 % beer would have you crawling back for more refills. I revisited this booth so many times, I felt as if I needed to disguise myself with beer monacles and a mustachio.

And if it is pretzels you crave, the Famous Kirby's Red Hot Chile Pretzels will not only suffice, but definitely exceed expectations. The intensities range from Mild to Four Alarm Fire. My favorite was somewhere on the hotter side, purchasing a bag of Second Degree Burn which carries a noticeable kick.

So if you missed this event this year, no worries, I'm sure this popular meeting place for beer lovers will be around next year, carrying even more vendors for you to get your drink on.

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